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Powerful Commerce Payment Platform

The Driving Force Behind Your Digital Culture

Xetta supports businesses to align changing expectations with evolving organisational capability.

Tailored to reflect the uniqueness and diversity of your operations, Xetta captures and centralises all financial information across your organisation. It integrates with your core business systems to simplify workflows, expand payment capability, streamline reconciliation, reduce security and compliance risk, and provide valuable reporting and analytics.

Xetta unites people, process and technology to bring your digital transformation aspirations to life.

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Payment Experts

We are experienced and dedicated in providing your business with established and emerging payment technologies.

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Integration Specialists

We provide hands-on support to configure and implement a solution that simplifies the way you work.

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Customer Focused

We create a tailored solution that reflects the way you do business today – and your aspirations for the future.

Your Business, Only Better

Elevate Customer Experience

Xetta’s simple, secure and convenient platform gives customers 24/7 choice and flexibility.


Reduce Security & Compliance Risk

Keep customer information secure with PCI DSS-compliant payment processing.

Drive Efficient Operations

Streamline workflows and dramatically reduce administration and manual workarounds.


Streamline Reconciliation

Simplify reconciliation with seamless payment channel integration and advanced data validation.


Leverage Real Time Information

Make timely, informed decisions using a real-time, organisation-wide view of your financial information.


Organisational Agility

Respond to changing customer and market needs with speed and flexibility.


Our Industries


The higher education sector is evolving rapidly.

Changes to government policy and funding and advances in technology are being matched by shifting student, community and employer expectations.

The way we live, work and consume services is fundamentally different from five or ten years ago.

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xetta isometric council


Against a backdrop of increasing demand for services, rapid technology change and budgetary pressures, councils are increasingly reconsidering traditional business models.

They recognise that to anticipate and respond to changing community needs effectively, they must adopt an agile, customer-centric service delivery model.


The healthcare sector is undergoing an enormous shift.

Financial sustainability and regulatory compliance are key concerns for healthcare providers as our aging population places rising pressure on existing services.

Alongside this challenge, technological advancements and changing patient and societal expectations are reshaping the healthcare landscape.

xetta isometric healthcare

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Xetta powerful commerce payment platform logo

Discover how Xetta can unify commerce in your organisation.

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