Unifying Campus Commerce

The Future of Higher Education

The higher education sector is evolving rapidly. Changes to government policy and funding and advances in technology are being matched by shifting student, community and employer expectations. The way we live, work and consume services is fundamentally different from five or ten years ago.

As these forces reshape the learning landscape, your organisation’s future success will depend on your ability to reinvent your business model. Higher education providers must adopt a digital culture that’s ready to meet changing expectations, drive innovation and support continuous improvement.

In this complex and uncertain environment, the winners will be those organisations that unite their people, processes and technology to create a future-focused, agile business that responds to our changing world.

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Fast Track Your Digital Initiatives

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Campus operations are inherently complex – Xetta captures and centralises all financial information across your organisation. It allows customers to make payments 24/7 and supports real-time processing and visibility of in-person, credit card, direct debit, international, scheduled and pay-later options.

Xetta is a powerful commerce platform that will allow you to align changing expectations with evolving organisational capability. Tailored to reflect the uniqueness and diversity of your business, it integrates with your core business systems to simplify workflows, expand payment capability, streamline reconciliation, reduce security and compliance risk, and provide valuable reporting and analytics.

Seamless integration with your existing payment channels means that manual daily uploads are a thing of the past, while pre-filled smart forms provide payees with validated information, removing the need for manual data entry and reducing errors and administration.

Digital Transformation That Delivers


Accept international and domestic payments, including scheduled payments, online and in person.


Create and promote paid and no-cost events, and track registrations and payments in real-time.

Campus Services

Manage payments for parking, library services and more using online smart forms.


Set up and manage unlimited online stores to sell clothing, gifts, memorabilia and more.

Customer Portal

Allow payees to make and schedule payments, track history and reprint receipts.


Digital Wallet

Support fast and simple payments using securely stored payment information.


Multiple Options

Provide choice and flexibility via a range of established and emerging payment methods.


Integrate Refunds

Process refunds quickly and easily, without storing payee account details.

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