Mornington Peninsula Shire

Mornington Peninsula Shire was looking for a flexible and secure commerce platform that would allow customers to deal with the council at their convenience (especially after hours) while ensuring payments were PCI-DSS compliant. The integrated refunding module has been another game changer for the council, giving them ability to accept bonds, pull up historical transactions and make refunds to the customer’s original form of payment quickly and easily.Having proven the value, the finance department is working to implement across the organisation.

“A benefit that we hadn’t expected is that the new system saves a huge amount of back-and-forth between the council and our customers. We can design the smart forms to ask for exactly the information we need – and make these details mandatory before the form can be submitted. In the past, we’d receive email requests with unclear, incomplete and incorrect information – now, we have what we need at the outset. And from a payment perspective, we no longer need to spend time chasing missing payments as online requests can only be lodged once correct payment information is provided.” Ros Humphrey, Revenue Business Support Coordinator.

Case Study

Client Mornington Peninsula Shire
Industry Local Government

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